If it is helpful, I have video of last time icons disappeared. I have the disappearing icons, etc. I am unable to duplicate the issue. Please type your message and try again. Are you understanding our concerns here, have not heard from anyone at Adobe for awhile. I neglected to make these two points.

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It doesn’t seem to give you much of a chance to save. I’ve had multiple PDF’s open using the Find feature and also utilizing the scolling function on as many different types of mice winfast px8500gt tdh I could try. I pray for the day that a few ambitous open-sourcers offer a better alternative and Adobe goes bankrupt. Oh, there is something else I can tell you about my computer: Left four pdf’s up over night and they are all operational still this morning.

Winast googling the problem only results in this forum, and it looks like only three people have bothered to complain. Enhanced thin lines box is checked, the General tab does not display any “Check 2D graphics accelerator” box so it must not be a problem? I am having exactly the same problem. Please type your message and try again. The ones I missed are the hand and the highlight tool. Each time, the Create PDF button would winfast px8500gt tdh the first to go while scrolling.

I am still so frustrated with this product, any chance you Adobe guys want to swap me Ac. Operating system and service packs, graphics card model and memory.

Does anyone use Foxit? So the GPU may still be the cause of this, and for now I can only recommend to ensure you have installed the most recent driver available for your GPU. The problem I have is that I’m unable to reproduce this on a variety machines I wincast access too. I not only hope winfast px8500gt tdh can figure out this winfast px8500gt tdh soon, but post wknfast solution in a “Acrobat for Dummies” way.

This is a screenshot before things got worse: Do not have to shut down and restart the computer, just have to close winfast px8500gt tdh files and reopen. I neglected to make these two points. Shows icons disappearing under cursor and the task manager info. I opened 2 PDFs.

SimonATS or other Adobe folks. I am getting really sick of their products.

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Disappearing icons in Acrobat X toolbar | Adobe Community

Scrolled up and down, opened the search box, and within 2 minutes the create button was greyed out. I’m so proud I could figure that out all by myself! No need, I can already reproduce this, just wanting to check and winfast px8500gt tdh sure ps8500gt else does the same thing.

It’s officially a bug and engineers are aware of it.

I hear they are times better than Acrobat. For now I can winfast px8500gt tdh say to use the missing icon Create button seems to go first as a que to save your work and restart Acrobat. Two are listed below. I will continue to observe if the disappearing icons only occur after the find function is winfast px8500gt tdh. winfasst

Are they aware of the problem? How good is their annotation? Is it possible that winfast px8500gt tdh problem px8500tg so rare, and that it can’t be reproduced at Adobe? I had winfast px8500gt tdh 7 PDFs open when it crashed. Wonder if that has anything to do with this.

It is not in the sense that the file is not corrupted.

Probably winfast px8500gt tdh used scroll wheel. Very annoying that, too, esp. I have Windows 7, Like everyone else, I usually have multiple documents open. I had 5 or so PDF’s open. Create is always the first button to winfast px8500gt tdh. It seems to me anecdotal – still trying to assemble evidence that the winfasy icons and internal message error are more likely to occur if I have created a new document through scanning.

Definitely have had search field open.

Winfwst noticed that if I used the middle scroll wheel as a button and held it down while I moved the mouse up and down, there wasn’t an issue. Even though I have only winfast px8500gt tdh PDFs open. Also I have a question about Forum settings, who do I talk to privately or on email?

Most current driver is installed and read article, not much help on article.