If onboard memory is bad, the entire system board must be replaced. If you have 2 memory modules installed try removing them one by one and run the restore with only one module installed. I have gotten this sent in by the warranty 3 times. The power lamp stays on blue, screen never gets to the toshiba splash and stays black. I was at a loss as to what to do until I stumbled upon this website. I had ordered a new hinge, and figured that I might as well fix the hinge and worry about the overheating later.

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Also, the new problem now is that I am stareting to get a Blue Screen Errors—something to do with drivers. I have completely disassembled the unit, same thing, only toshiha left on the board is the fans and CPU. Just bought a Toshiba MS 3 wks ago. If you are asking about thin white and black wires with small round connectors on the end then they are wireless card antenna cables. Was worth a try though. How to troubleshoot and toshiba satellite a75-s231 laptop video problems Laptop has bad video on the LCD screen.

You should have mentioned that toshiba satellite a75-s231.

Toshiba suddenly shuts down by itself

There is no more flaky DC jack issue. If you have 2 memory modules installed try removing them one by one and run the restore with only one module installed.

Most likely your system board toshiba satellite a75-s231 replaced before because of this problem. Does anyone know where to buy or replace an LCD screen cheaply for a toshiba ps? I toshuba to do this several times before having a normal starting maybe timesjust take the time to find the right position. Anyway any suggestion would be appreciated. When you remove the system board from the laptop, you can wiggle the DC jack toshiba satellite a75-s231 see witch connector has to be resoldered.

The blue power light goes toshiba satellite a75-s231 and all the LED lights are on, but nothing happens. I had the same power problem everyone else here seems to have. Did you leave the AC adapter in the repair shop sztellite Try to remove the battery, connect the AC adapter and start the laptop. Toshiba satellite a75-s231 would test the adapter with a multimeter.

Tkshiba laptop S just started shutting toshiba satellite a75-s231 today. I have a S european model I think that crashed every day when I used ISDN -every time I logged on it would soon crash — but has been fine for months since I got broadband.

You can buy thermal grease in any local computer store or buy it online. I can use it for a while and it starts beeping and then just shuts off after a toshkba.

Toshiba Satellite M35X A75 power jack problem | Laptop Repair

What are your symptoms? Anyone have any idea satfllite much toshiba satellite a75-s231 would run me to get the motherboard replaced on this laptop? If after reinstalling the operating system you still experience the same problem, then I can only blame the system board. Remove the hatch and replace the fan. Do I need to remove the screen and unconnect that as well?

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Wrong screws can lead toshiba satellite a75-s231 short circuit. I followed advise in this thread and re soldered the jack on my No insult at all! Kaysee, Both problems could be fixed at the same time.

If that does not work, is there a tutorial on how to apply artic gel, or to remove the fan to celean out more? Same kind of lag thing can happen with Dells when the heatsink is clogged. Also, it is toshiba satellite a75-s231 important to check the screws were properly put together. Afterall toshiba satellite a75-s231 fan was going crazy so I assumed the filter was clogged.

I have had a a70 for over two years now, recently i got a memory error and it has never toshjba able to boot into the os again. I tried again switching to the laptop but did not get the same result as the first test.

Toshiba drivers – Toshiba Sound Card Drivers

It overheated within I believe 30 minutes or so. What could have caused this and do you think that the motherboard a75-z231 have to toshiba satellite a75-s231 replaced?

Clean the heat sink with compressed air.

If I have to replace the main board, how much would that part cost? Can you see if both fans spin?

Toshiba Sound Card Drivers Download

I did not changed the connector but the problem I faced is just the same given on the schematic on the update. Furious, I took my laptop home, and found this article on the web. Well, tonight was the last straw. Is there a way to toshiba satellite a75-s231 this issue? Luis, Toshiba Satellite A65 has a memory integrated into the system toshiba satellite a75-s231. I was very surprised that with Arctic Silver grease my desktop ran 10 degree C hotter then with grease that I got with the heatsink.

The computer will loose power if I move the power jack even when it is running on battery power. While I had the computer dismantled, I also applied the Artic Silver five but I am not sure I applied it on the right place. Here are part numbers for the screen: I would not recommed putting toshiba satellite a75-s231 a new motherboard.

It was burned so bad that it was causing shorts between layers. Hi Sonja, First of toshiba satellite a75-s231, if your laptop is only 6 months old it should be still under warranty.