This is very useful. Both have very similar failure symptoms. I have updated my graphics card and its built into my motherboard. Recently, the display comes back very rarely. You cannot fix the screen. I noticed that when i moved the screen is jumps and if i keep pressure on the screen usually it will work fine.

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All main laptop and notebook parts explained | Laptop Parts

December 14, at Advisor June 5, I have Asus X51r i replaced Lcd with a new one. Hope you can throw some light on this problem for me. Charles Santerre October 13, First of all try reconnecting the cable to the LCD screen. Also, check the BIOS setup menu. I have unplugged it, removed the battery, tried control, alt, delete and still nothing at all except a plain ole ugly white screen. Any sony vaio vgn – cr23g would be greatly appreciated.

Later the same thing happened the first boot up showed dark screen. First, I would make sure the video cable is seated correctly.

Re-seated it and the screen looks like new! Dell E screen went white for no apparent reason one morning. What if you start from the battery, will it fail the same way?

I had the same problem. I can hear the sound.

All main laptop and notebook parts explained

The desktop image however is complete. When laptop screen turns completely white, it means there is no data coming from the motherboard. Another trawl resulted in my replacing the video ribbon cable; this made no difference.

I tested it with an external monitor, the external monitor was fine but the laptop screen was still white. Can you give me some guidance on sony vaio vgn – cr23g it could be and what can do to resolve this problem?

I think what can cause a white screen like mine is the display ic on the motherboard.

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LCD screen turned completely white

The hinges are very stiff, and I noticed this has caused part where the LCD mounting bracket connects to the right hinge to snap. Can any cr223g tell how to reduce the sensitivity of the touchpad sony vaio vgn – cr23g it is moving here and there without any control over it making the work on laptop just impossible.

Do you have two memory modules installed in the laptop?

Yes, I replaced many video cable. Soy problem was very dark screen. Try reinstalling the driver. February 17, at If it it plugged intp the mains whilst the computer is operating, it will not charge. February 21, at 1: But the main trouble is when connected to a particular TCP port server in America to feed market charts I get disconnected when I am on the power pack but not when the laptop is running on the battery only.

Plugged into VGA screen shows normal image. I am going to sony vaio vgn – cr23g to see if it is a connection problem. But anyway our web store may be sony vaio vgn – cr23g interesting for an end user of home appliances as well.

The rubber extension for the button was clean and the switch itself does not seem loose at the circuit board. Connected to an external monitor everything works fine.

Can u help me fix the problem because, i have so much memory on it.