If initialization fails for the ICs, the system will not boot up. Remove the right cover and the rear cover from main unit. ON feature on page 52 beforehand. Remove Rear Cover Cabinet Cover Section Safety Ref. Use the unit in a warmer area.

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Handset Hook Panasonic kx-mb3020 When the handset is raised, the switch is turned panasonic kx-mb3020, and the signal of ICP34pin becomes low level. Overview Remove the printed paper before the recording paper exit becomes full. Consequently, in this unit, the timing positive clock is generated by the LCD interface circuitry in the gate array IC D3 1 Panasonlc the panasonic kx-mb3020 screws A and 7 screws B. R This unit is compatible with Caller ID.

Operation Manuals

The standard paper cassette has the MPT paper empty sensor for multi-purpose tray panasonic kx-mb3020 the paper size detection levers. Panasonic kx-mb3020, all procedures can be performed with the handset unit installed. Rear Cabinet Section Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Cleaning the white plates and glass P.

panasonic kx-mb3020 Scanning From A Computer pull Scan 4. Waste Toner Empty 2. IC decode the analog data to digital data, and output to IC Panasonic kx-mb3020 Content Possible cause The paper dose not feed properly when faxing. User Maintenance The following table lists the user replaceable components and the symptoms that may result when they need to be replaced.

As a result, the rotation from the BK motor is transmitted to the paper exit roller in order of numbers 1 – 7 through the panasonic kx-mb3020 teeth gear. Call Service appears when an error is found 10 times in a row.


Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. This comes panasonic kx-mb3020 our experience with experimental test. The STR cover will be separated from the left cover. A signal route to be tested is determined depending upon purposes. Insulation Resistance Test 1.

Panasonic Service Manuals – Panasonic Middle East

Check the Waste Toner Sensor. A MSetN preventing fax reception from 3. So the photo-transistor turns off panasonic kx-mb3020 input signal of ICG34pin becomes high level. Check the Waste Kx-mb300 Bottle Switch. R The default operation mode is the copy mode. Circuit explanation According panasonic kx-mb3020 the scan speed, each motor current is controlled for appropriate value.

For photographs, shaded drawings, etc.

See Optional Accessories P. Cabinet Cover Section Safety Ref. Things you should keep a record of Attach panasonic kx-mb3020 sales receipt here. Drum Cartridge Virgin Sensor This sensor panasonic kx-mb3020 the drum cartridge and lifetime. The beam is made parallel by the collimator lens and is directed at the rotating polygon mirror, attached with the polygon motor.

More Copying Features panasonic kx-mb3020. When the recording paper is not fed into the unit properly The display will show the following.