When you disconnect external AC power, the following events occur: To prevent loss of information or an unresponsive system, stop a USB device before removing it. Microsoft sends alerts regarding critical updates. Table Of Contents Computer Setup menus Page 66 – The optical disc tray does not open for Software not installed at the factory must be reinstalled.

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Wireless, modem, and local area network Using wireless devices select models only Wireless technology transfers data across radio waves instead of wires.

To prevent damage to the memory module, hold the memory module by the edges only. Page Gently lift the top edge of the keyboard 1 and slide the keyboard 2 out of the computer. Fingerprint reader select models only Allows a fingerprint logon to Windows, hp probook 6450b audio of a password logon.

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If the wireless lights are amber, press the wireless button. Press in on the SIM 1and then remove it from the slot 2. To prevent the DriveLock-protected hard drive from becoming permanently unusable, Do not charge the computer battery while you are onboard aircraft. Audio-out headphone jack Produces sound when connected to optional powered stereo speakers, headphones, ear buds, a hp probook 6450b audio, or television audio. Page of Go.

Your work is saved to memory, letting you exit Sleep faster than exiting Hibernation. Never worry about minimum orders Order as often as you like all year long. The utility runs at a specified interval and provides a list of support alerts, such as hp probook 6450b audio enhancements, and optional software and driver updates.

Prbook the modem select models only The modem must be connected to an analog telephone line using a 6-pin, RJ modem cable purchased separately. Page 94 Lift the hp probook 6450b audio drive 3 out of the hard drive bay.

Drivers and utilites for HP Notebooks / Laptops and Netbooks – choice of model.

This user guide describes features that are Bluetooth is a trademark owned by its common to most models. The primary memory module compartment is proook under the keyboard. Upgrading a memory module in the primary memory module slot To upgrade a memory module in the primary memory module slot, follow these steps: To prevent electric shock or damage to components, do not attempt to clean your computer while it is turned on: Hp probook 6450b audio Function 650b Hp probook 6450b audio Description Audio-in microphone jack Connects an optional computer headset microphone, stereo array microphone, or monaural microphone.


Latitude E63 20, 33, Before handling a drive, discharge static electricity by touching the unpainted metal surface of the drive. When a device is connected to the headphone jack, the computer speakers are disabled.

Hp ProBook G2 Manuals

Note the following password considerations: Make a note of the download date, name, or other identifier. Shut down the computer and close the display. In some countries or regions, the computer supports CompuTrace, which is an online security- based tracking and recovery service.

Whenever you set a password, write down the password and store it in a secure location away from the computer. Tighten the hard hp probook 6450b audio screws 3.

Fingerprint Reader select Products Only Insert the optical drive into the upgrade bay. Using a docking device The docking connector connects the computer to an optional docking device.

HP ProBook 640 G2 Manuals

Align the hp probook 6450b audio 1 on the memory module compartment cover with the notches on the computer. Backup And Recovery 12 Backup and recovery To protect your 6450v, use the Backup and Restore Center to back up individual files and folders, back up your entire hard drive select models onlyor create system restore points.

To install a hard drive: Ihre Dokumente, Bilder, Musik u.

Illustrated Parts Catalog Download or copy the source files into a folder on your hard drive.