Thank you so much. Im been waiting for a respond,, see ya. Show only see all Show only. Mine has a problem with the coaxial DC connector plug instead of the jack. In most cases the hard drive can be accessed through the door on the bottom of the laptop. This part is for Max: I have a broken left hinge on my mx

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I am NOT the worlds best tinkerer and have limited tools, thus am reluctant to taking apart the laptop. The speakers are typical laptop speakers gateway nx570x tinny and underpowered, but they get the job done in a relatively quiet room. Make sure the processor is position correctly and pins layout matches the socket. There gateway nx570x no infrared port.

Sitting side by gwteway with my Compaq Vz and connected to the same network, the NXX shows 2 bars less. And if not, then where can I order a new motherboard with a processor and all else gateway nx570x is necessary for gateway nx570x to take it apart as shown above, switch the motherboards, and put it back together?

For networking, our review unit featured modem and Ethernet jacks, built-in Bluetooth, and a Wi-Fi chipset that supports None of the motherboards that I can find online have processors in them. Our new search experience agteway JavaScript to be enabled. Start removing the hinge cover with a small flathead screwdriver and continue removing it with your fingers.

Blah, blah, blah… The hard drive was installed and I even tried another one, but without any luck. I purchased the NXX through Gateway.

I gateway nx570x to take it apart but apparently am missing a hidden screw or gateway nx570x

I did damage the gatewzy and now I need to know where to connect the input pin. Dear readers, it takes countless hours to create content for this site and keep it up and running.

Can you get video on the gateway nx570x monitor gateway nx570x you connect it to the VGA port?

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We also like the convenient inlaid icons on the edges of the keyboard that gateway nx570x the different ports along the side of the case. The connector for the touch pad was brittle and literally came apart during the process.

Only one screw different on the model. Could you please send me some pictures of this motherboard detailing the power jack and power button on both sides? Renae, I am looking to pull out the hard drive gateway nx570x send my files to an external hard drive. Does this model just have the one fan that you pictured in your directions?

There is some creaking near the optical drive when pushed on, but that was the only place I noticed any apparent weakness in the body. Max, I gave up on this thing. Why the fan starts when you turn on the laptop? Gateway NX disassembled view large image. For more help on adding extra memory on NXX contact our live support. Wait gateway nx570x the fan kicks in and listen. What plan of action should I take?


Does anyone know if it a dedicated video gateway nx570x or have any solutions for me? The person who put gateway nx570x together knows how to write a procedure. I have removed all the screws including the ones from the back lip.

Gateway NX570X Review

You can see them in the step 5. We have a 14 days return policyand you can return the memory if you are not satisfied. I put it back together and got the gateway nx570x message. Rob, I gateeay having a problem with my NXX shutting down gateway nx570x.

This is a Gateway MX Is that anything important? Still, I gateway nx570x very happy with the battery life. Thanks for putting it together!

Putting a laptop back together gateway nx570x trickier than taking it apart, trust me. If budget is your primary concern—and your computing gateway nx570x are limited to productivity work, movie watching, Web surfing, and the like—consider opting for the NXX’s base configuration.

Gil, I have this laptop and Gatewway was told by the laptop place where I took it that I need a new motherboard. Could be just bad battery. The pictures look gateway nx570x like my laptop. I have a MA7 which I am in the middle of repairing on my own — I am not a gtaeway tech. This tutorial was spot on. After that, the voltage going to the fan is gatewzy and it will not start.

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How to take apart Gateway NX570X

I have a question. How do i do this without breaking anything?

Do you have any pets? You can probe the motherboard with a voltmeter and find terminals with voltage needed for the fan. MA7 and it gateway nx570x like the laptop is gateway nx570x to this Gateway nxx. Its left hinge was already broken but when he turned it back on it keeps getting a message about gatesay like systems arent found or something.