To print the list of all server addresses stored as Server Address information. Front Inserted before the first page of every copy. Setup For information about how to enter characters, refer to”Entering Text” P. Configuration Report You can check the hardware configuration, network information, print settings, and copy settings of the machine. MyPic, Third-level folder name: Page 15 Appendix Active Area [0] Default: Image Quality Trouble Image Quality Trouble Image Quality Trouble If the image quality of printed documents is poor, identify the similar symptom in the following table to prescribe the remedy.

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Select the [Billing Information] tab. Index Index Index Numerics canceling a job Is the tray inserted correctly?

Installation Procedure Installation Procedure This section describes how to configure the machine to use the E-mail cx. Are the DNS server settings correct? To achieve optimum machine performance, use only paper types recommended by Fuji Xerox. Overview of Copy Operations Select [Copy].


The save destination is not Correctly specify the save destination. Auto Background Xentre Purpose: Image quality best suited to the paper type can be obtained by setting the desired image processing to particular paper types.

This feature enables you to set a specific time for the fax transmission to start. Operations During Scanning Operations during Scanning Operations during Scanning While the machine is scanning document, you can fx document centre 236 pcl 6 the currently executing job, and check or cancel the pending jobs. Reset Network Setup Fx document centre 236 pcl 6 Select [Print] from the application’s [File] menu.

Configure the domain restriction as necessary. Target Operation Set the operations cengre be restricted.

Fuji Xerox DocuCentre SC2020 User Manual

Refer to “2 Product Overview” in the User Guide. Set paper on the machine to receive faxes. Stapler Faults Push the staple cartridge into docjment machine until it clicks into place.

For information on how to print a Configuration Report, refer to “Printer Reports” Remanufactured – Page Yield: CAUTION Do not attempt to remove a paper jammed deeply inside the product, particularly a paper wrapped around a fuser or a heat roller. For information on the supported operating systems, refer to “Supported Operating Systems” You can change settings for the print mode. Epson Stylus Color Series – Inkjetsuperstore http: It describes the basic operations for the copy, fax, scan, and docujent features.

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Step1 Configuration on the Machine The warranty does not cover damages caused by using non-Fuji Xerox toner cartridges. Remove fx document centre 236 pcl 6 jammed paper.

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First Copy Output Time Monochrome: Other than page yield, you should also consider factors such as the price, print quality, reliability, warranty, etc. You can specify a total of addresses, either by selecting from address numbers or by direct input. Notes and Restrictions on the Use of the Machine When the Print Results Differ from the Settings As in the following cases, insufficient memory for the print page buffer may cause print results to be different from what was expected from the settings.

You can receive a fax from someone you are talking to on the external telephone without having to go to the cwntre. Other Settings In [Other Settings], you can set the following items. How to Fx document centre 236 pcl 6 Very easy! Insert Position Does not print the banner sheet. The stored documents will be deleted at the time specified in [Documents deleted at]. fx document centre 236 pcl 6

Page 14 Problem Solving After removing the staple cartridge, check inside of the finisher for any remaining staples. Refer to “Loading Paper in Pco 1 and 2” Epson printers challenge the supremacy of other brands as far as quality, speed and overall running cost.

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Do not leave any pieces of paper in the machine. Setup Depending on the method of storing in the mailbox, there are cebtre on the combination of features. Emulation The following describes the printer language emulations available on this machine.