AC inlet Connects to the AC power cord. Partition for mm wide paper roll: Set the amount of back feed. Link to Chinese Model Drivers Driver update history. If you do not agree to these terms, or the terms of any other agreements contained in the Software, do not download or use the Software. It is operated in case of an error, operation, or by a command. Self-printing, Hexadecimal Dump Printing Insert paper into the printer.

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Citizen systems line thermal printer user’s manual ct-s 32 pages. Move the paper near-end sensor unit to the right and left while pushing it. Please carefully read and citizen printer ct-s300 the terms and conditions of the User License Agreement to use or download any of the software or documentation provided from the web site.

For information on how to save data, refer to the Command Reference. Precautions For Installing The Printer 3. If the head temperature exceeds a specified level, the printer stops printing operation and waits till the head temperature is lowered.

Stops printing when this sensor detects paper end. For severe stains, use a soft cloth slightly citizen printer ct-s300 with water. Be careful that the covers do not pinch your hands or fingers. Also take out the paper roll from the holder. Returning to the memory switch select mode When the setting of the desired content is completed, open the printer cover and then close the printer cover.

Connecting The Cash Drawer 3. Partition for mm wide paper roll: The citizen printer ct-s300 of each switch is as citizen printer ct-s300 below. Adjusting The Paper Near-end Sensor 2.

Page 20 Paper saving functions You can set the following functions to save paper by setting the MSW to memory switches. Printer AC adapter type Printer Built-in power printter type 1. In case of trouble do not attempt to repair the printer. Table Of Contents citizen printer ct-s300.

Do not subject the printer to strong impacts or hard jolts e.

These printers have extensive features so they can be used citizen printer ct-s300 a wide range of applications. Page 42 The function of each memory switch is citizen printer ct-s300 in the following table. Installation Prijter English File size 2,k bytes Please read carefully before installing the driver.

The print head is hot immediately after printing. Confirm the orientation of the cash drawer kick-out cable connector and connect it to the cash drawer kick-out connector at the back of the printer.

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Open drawer codes.

The number of printable columns is selectable with a DIP switch. Don’t show citizem this message again. Select any filter and click on Apply citizen printer ct-s300 see results.

However you have to tell them to do so.

The light dims when entering the energy saving mode and brightness slowly changes. This section explains how to perform manual settings. General Outline, Features 1. The printer prints model name, version, DIP switch setting, citizen printer ct-s300 switch setting, and built-in fonts.

Don’t show me this message again.


It is operated in case of an error, operation, or by a command. Do not touch any of the moving parts e. If the power cord sustains damage, contact your Citizen Systems dealer. POS Printer Utility citizen printer ct-s300 This utility is to change the printer setting or customize the printer.

Drivers y Herramientas

Flashes when data is incoming or a memory error has occurred. Unpacking, Model Classification 1.

Citizen ct-s line thermal printer user’s manual citizen printer ct-s300. In case of trouble do not attempt to repair the printer. Enter text from picture: Manual cutter For cutting the paper manually.

When you print dense characters or ct-s030 image, the head temperature rises. The function of each memory switch is shown in the following table.

Insert the power plug fully into the outlet. Be careful citizen printer ct-s300 to insert the USB interface cable into the cash drawer kick-out connector. General Outline, Features 1. Do not touch it. Page 32 TCF citizen printer ct-s300. Declaration of Conformity This printer conforms to the following Standards: Load the paper roll so that the printable side of the paper is facing down, as shown by arrow A.

Cash drawer kick-out connector Connects to the cable from the cash drawer.

When using in horizontal setting, avoid cutting full. Close the paper cover until you hear a click.