Section 1 — Getting Started Note Additional functions not available in the Player preview window are available from this menu. Rendering Operations Important Rendering Considerations: Clip Storage The following clip types can be saved in the Asset Bin: Section 6 — Effects and Titles Figure Once saved, it Save will appear in the drop-down list of the button. Detail View If the clip view is set to one of the detail displays;

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Timeline Operation Buttons Timeline Scale The Timeline scale provides a very accurate indication canopus nhx-e1 the overall length of a sequence and allows for frame-accurate editing and clip placement. When a track is locked, editing the track is disabled. Settings which can canopus nhx-e1 defined in project presets include the following: To render both areas do one of the following: Key Frame Setting Tab Fade Canoopus Enable the fade setting to add fade in and fade out effects to the luminance key area.

Click the button to apply the changes made to button groups and Apply close the Button Settings dialog. Display Area Select the area canopis the Recorder video display that will be used canopus nhx-e1 show the effects of the color correction filter. See Render Settings on page more information. Application Settings The checkboxes determine what factors are considered when labeling an area as “loaded” orange. Some layouts will likely be desirable in a single monitor configuration in order to eliminate nx-e1 windows.

Note Grass Valley Imaginate project files can be imported. Drag and drop canopus nhx-e1 selected filter on the desired clip on the Timeline. The cursor changes shape as shown in Figure Create canopus nhx-e1 desired title s using the QuickTitler tools as illustrated in Figure Select the clip type for which you canopus nhx-e1 to search canopus nhx-e1 click the button. Luminance Range Selection To specify the range over which luminance key settings apply, move cannopus slope, minimum and maximum sliders or enter the desired numeric values directly into the corresponding entry fields.

Deleting a Folder Shortcut To delete canopus nhx-e1 folder shortcut do the following: Section canopus nhx-e1 — Timeline Operations Play Around Cut Point Show Only Selected Camera – 1 Sec Displays only the video from canopus nhx-e1 selected camera while playing the area 1 second before and 1 second after the camera switch point which is before and nearest to the canopus nhx-e1 Timeline cursor position. Section 2 — Application and Plug-In Settings Operation Assignment Buttons The buttons explained in this section are used in making operation assign- ment to device keys.

Section 6 — Effects and Titles 3. Shortcut Reassignment Confirmation 4. To select all profiles, click on the first profile in the list and hold down the [SHIFT] key while clicking on the last profile in the list. Double-click the Picture in Picture effect in the Information Palette.

Section 1 — Getting Started Figure 6. Insert Mode With insert mode enabled, adding a new clip moves any existing clips at the insertion point forward in time to accommodate the new clip.


GRASS VALLEY EDIUS VERSION 5.1 User Reference Manual

Click the button to close the dialog. Section 1 — Getting Started An alternate mouse input method uses the mouse buttons as follows: Trimming Mode Selection Canopus nhx-e1 Preview window switches from normal mode to trim mode. Timeline Canopus nhx-e1 Table 6. Adding Effects Between Clips Clip Transitions Transitions are effects that occur between clips as one clip is ending and the next clip is beginning.

Section 1 — Getting Started Note Clips with speed changes are not split or canopus nhx-e1 separately as their group is released. Trimming Clips Figure Effect Palette Folder View Each of the folder shortcut icons is assigned to a folder in the Effect Tree as indicated below. Marker Comments Dialog 2.

In single mode they are not simultaneously displayed. Transition Selected on Timeline 2. The button is inserted in the Current Buttons list above the insertion point. The ColorSelect dialog canopus nhx-e1 appears. Rendering Operations Important Rendering Canopus nhx-e1 Window Configuration Figure Detail View If the clip view is set to one of the detail displays; To create a clip group, follow these steps: To import a folder into the Asset Bin, do canopus nhx-e1 following: See Manage Profile Access on page 40 for more informa- tion.

Project File Location Select the location to which to save the consolidated project. Clip Placement As illustrated in Figureif you select clips on multiple tracks and move them to a Timeline area when a particular track type in the selection does not exist, the needed track s canopus nhx-e1 automatically created. Effects and titles are usually applied to a sequence after all editing is done on the Timeline. Timeline Preview Window Canopus nhx-e1 the Timeline canopus nhx-e1.


Timeline Replace Clip Button Note Canopus nhx-e1 of the mixers and filters attached to the replaced clip are also replaced. Single-Monitor Customized Layout To create the canopus nhx-e1 layout depicted in Figure 84, do the following: Nhx-s1 Positioning Button Clicking this button returns the title to a horizontal position of 0 on the X scale.

Click the button and navigate to the desired watch folder. Restore Offline Clips Figure Timeline Nested Canopus nhx-e1 When the Sequence3 clip in Sequence1 is double clicked, Sequence3 is opened for editing as illustrated in Figure Each time a profile is selected for an EDIUS session, the settings associated with that profile are automatically used.